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I'm trying to set up sitecore so that when users create new items, they get created in a certain language (en-AU). I've set the 'contentLanguage' to that language, and when createing anything in the content tree, it does indeed create it in that language. However, if they go to create a a template or anything like that (outside the content tree), it still creates it in 'en'. Is there a web.config setting somewhere to set this so that ANY items created is created in 'en-AU'?

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It sounds like you'll need to implement an event handler or pipeline processor to copy whatever you're creating in the language you're in and auto-populate it into the en-AU language. Here's a blog post with sample code:

Copying Sitecore Items across Languages

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You should be able to set a default language for new items using the contentLanguage setting on the shell site definition in the web.config. It's located under:

        <site name="shell" contentLanguage="en-AU" ...
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This is what I thought - and it works for content items that are in the 'content' node, but it doesn't work anything that is in any of the other nodes, such as 'layouts'. – M.R. Aug 16 '12 at 14:06

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