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I have to add two buttons in edit page. I have default scaffold generated. I have tried to add a button in the _form.html.erb file in this way: <%= f.submit 'accept'%> and <%= f.submit 'reject'%> but because this form is rendered in new.html.erb so the buttons are also appearing in new page. I want these buttons only in edit page. I am new to ruby and rails. can any one please help. thnks

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Just copy the contents of _form.html.erb to both the edit and new files. Replacing the template call to _form. Then edit the contents of each file separately to suit your needs. After you copy the contents of _form over to the new and edit view files you can delete the _form file.

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thnks. its working. –  A B Aug 16 '12 at 5:11
@AB but it not follow the DRY –  Rnk Jangir Aug 16 '12 at 5:45
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you should check the action name to show your second button like

<% if controller.action_name = 'edit' %> 
   <%= f.submit 'reject'%>
<% end %>
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