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I am trying to download and build Eclipse CDT Juno (Windows version) from source as a preparation for customizing it.

However, after 4 days of investigation until now, I can not find any way to do it. These below are some ways I tried:

I am very headached now, the Eclipse build information is very rare online, or maybe I do not understand it enough.
Can anyone suggest me the correct way to get Eclipse source then build it on Windows ?
Even Eclipse without CDT is ok, I will add later.

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You don't need to build the complete CDT to customize it. Just install a normal Eclipse distribution which contains at least JDT, CDT and PDE and then you can use context menu -> Import plugin -> Source plugin in the plugin explorer of the PDE perspective.

That way you can start by modifying a single plugin from CDT. If you then start an Eclipse application for debugging, it will use the modified source plugin from your workspace and all other plugins as they exist in binary form in your IDE.

And if you feel satisfied with your changes, you can then create a feature patch to create an installable plugin that you can distribute further.

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Thank you! Now I can run CDT from code by importing particular CDT package instead of full Eclipse source as you suggested. I can export to plugins then patch to current CDT. But "export to Eclipse product" to create a new CDT distribution is still difficult, not easy as building a RCP from begin. I am investigating more. Thanks for your help! –  Le Chau Aug 17 '12 at 3:50
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