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I want to show a list of my most popular users on my site at a give moment. My idea was to base the list solely on pageviews/interactions. If the list wasn't visible it would be as simple as order them by views on the last day. But when the list becomes visible it all get's complicated since it increases the popularity of anything featured on the list.

So the "ranking" would cause the top users to get even more popularity creating a sort of loophole that would cause the first users that get to the top to remain at the top forever.

I've been thinking on a lot of ways to order users to solve this problem but I cannot think of any solution. So my question is basically, how can I rank "what's hot" while nulling the effects of being featured on the list?

I'm sure this is a common issue in programming, if you know some vocabulary/topic related to this so I can Google it, please let me know/tag it.

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I don't know any vocabulary for what you're talking about, but I think a lot of news aggregators just apply a heavy penalty to older posts to encourage fresh content to move up. – Pete Schlette Aug 16 '12 at 4:53
I changed "posts" to "users". The algorythm should actually be used for users and trends eg: white sweater is trending so there's really no date to use – lisovaccaro Aug 16 '12 at 4:55

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