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I used the following code to display a calendar using EVENTKIT

- (BOOL)createEvent:(NSString *)title 
             at:(NSString *)location 
       starting:(NSDate *)startDate 
         ending:(NSDate *)endDate 
       withBody:(NSString *)body 


eventStore = [[EKEventStore alloc] init];

EKEvent *event  = [EKEvent eventWithEventStore:eventStore];
event.title     = title;
event.location  = location;
event.startDate = startDate;
event.endDate   = endDate;
event.notes     = body;

[event setCalendar:[eventStore defaultCalendarForNewEvents]];

EKEventEditViewController *eventViewController = [[EKEventEditViewController alloc] init];
eventViewController.event = event;
eventViewController.eventStore = eventStore;
//eventViewController.editViewDelegate = self;

[self presentModalViewController:eventViewController animated:YES];

return TRUE;


When i call this above function , an eventkit view controller is displayed. When i click the the alert button in that, i will get the default alert timing as like below

Event Alert

I want the event alert timing in whatever way i wish like 1 day before,2 days before upto 30 days before.

Can anyone please tell me how to do this Many Thanks in advance

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Try: stackoverflow.com/a/13347525/1442541 –  evya Apr 4 '13 at 12:57

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You'll want to create an EKAlarm, and add that alarm to your event. For instance, for an alarm that occurs 15 min before:

    EKAlarm *alarm = [EKAlarm alarmWithRelativeOffset:-900]; // 15 min alarm
    [event addAlarm:alarm];
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