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i have one set named "UserActivity:[id]

when i am updating it within script using node.js it is not incremented. below is the my code.

    // redisCli.incr("UserActivity:" + Id, function (err, Ctr) {
    redisCli.incrby("UserActivity:" + Id, 1, function (err, Ctr) {
        console.log(Ctr);  //this is always return "1" 
        //when i have checked it using redis-cli.exe 
        //get "UserActivity:Id  -> "1"

    //in above case id value is 1 

why???? if i am updating it with redis-cli.exe it works perfect !!!! (and it is showing result as 1)

i think it was some datatype issue, because within code it is return value as string, but using redis-cli.exe it is return integer.

please help me

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Are you sure it is a set? Are the quotes part of the key? You cannot increment a set anyway... Perhaps you should check the content of err before displaying Ctr, and also display "UserActivity:" + Id just to be sure. – Didier Spezia Aug 16 '12 at 7:11
ya. sure. i have no created set. i am creating set by issuing following command redisCli.incr("UserActivity:1", function (err, Ctr) { console.log(Ctr); //this is always return "1" //when i have checked it using redis-cli.exe //get "UserActivity:Id -> "1" }); i think it is some datatype problem. because if i am using redis-cli.exe then it is return <integer> 1, and one more thing, i have not getting err (err is returned as null) – Manish Sapkal Aug 16 '12 at 11:40
I was having this same problem in a command line tool I wrote to access redis, using incr(). I was calling client.end() at the end of the program so that the program would terminate, but I was calling it synchronously, unwittingly before incr() completed. My solution was to call client.end() from within the incr() callback. I have no idea whether this is related to your problem, though. – Joe Lapp Jun 28 '14 at 19:04

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