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I'm working on Solr 3.6.

For following keyword:


I get following results in same order as listed.

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I want to instruct solr to list those results where the search term comes earlier in the name. So the last two should be the first two. Apart from that do some kind of analysis where importance of the search term be calculated on the total length. So the shorter name with search term should come early.

I'm clueless how to do this, pls advise.

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you could do it two ways at least

  1. using payloads: see this or this. But you need to develop some code to use them from Solr (see the first article)
  2. using several additional fields: say, you add 5 additional fields, and you put the first word in the first field, 2nd in 2nd field etc. And when querying you add an OR so those fields are searched too, each having a decreasing boost. This solution is less than ideal, but you avoid having to write any java code.
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Thank you for this information. Isn't there any simple way to achieve this? –  Krunal Aug 16 '12 at 14:23
How to implement the second option? –  Dharmik Bhandari Sep 17 '12 at 4:35

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