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I'm trying to put my friend's restaurant reviews on a map (see the prototype at The idea is that when you click a marker, you should see the review of the restaurant. Unfortunately, the popup that appears when you click a marker occasionally isn't tall enough to accommodate the corresponding review. E.g.:

alt text

Here is my code:

In the controller:

  def index
    @reviews = Review.all
    @map ='map')
    @map.control_init(:large_map => true, :map_type => false)
    @map.center_zoom_init([,Address.first.lng], 13)

    Restaurant.all.each do |r|
      body = %{
        <b><a target="_BLANK" href="#{r.menu_link}">#{}</a></b> (#{r.cuisines.first})

      marker =[, r.addresses.first.lng],
      :title =>,
      :info_window => body.strip)

In the view:

<%= GMap.header %>
<%= @map.to_html %>
<%= @map.div(:width => 1024, :height => 1000) %>

How can I make the info windows fit the text they contain?

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I noticed that you still have this problem on your page. Try my answer - it works guaranteed - or your money back! – Chris B Aug 4 '09 at 14:31
It's been a busy week, but I'm going to try your answer as soon as I have some spare time (I have a real job too!) – Tom Lehman Aug 4 '09 at 17:43

This is a pretty common problem that Google Maps developers encounter. The answers in the following question cover the various solutions:

To summarize:

  • You need to set the height attribute on images (not applicable in this case).
  • You need to make sure your infoWindow HTML elements are not inheriting any CSS styles from the document that change their height (Inherited CSS problem)
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+1 to Cannonade's suggestions. However, after looking at your code and noticing that the problem still remained after deleting all the styles, I found the problem elsewhere:

You need to set a maxWidth on your info windows. Right now GInfoWindowOptions is blank: {}. Try changing it to: {maxWidth:400}.

Here's what I think is happening: since you don't have a maxWidth, Google Maps decides that the window doesn't need to be very tall, since your content will just go on horizontally. However, in practice the info window really does have a maximum width - but it's not factored into the initial calculation, so your text ends up overflowing.

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Thanks Chris, this is something that I wasn't aware of. I'll add it to my checklist of things to look at when my infoWindows don't work ;). – RedBlueThing Jul 30 '09 at 1:43

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