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With your assistance I wrote a shell script. Now I need to make a similar batch script.

How do I write this:

export COUNT=$(kwcheck list -pd .kwlp -s Analyze -Y | grep -o '[0-9]\+' | tail -1)

in Powershell batch?

kwcheck outputs a lot of data, the 2nd to last line before the last line says: "you have n lines". The grep command matches numbers only, and puts n in the $COUNT variable.

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An unrelated question... Wouldn't it be better to use tail before grep? Now you grep all output, and then take the next to last line of the output from grep (and not the kwcheck program`). – Joachim Pileborg Aug 16 '12 at 6:12
Thanks, but it wotks well, it's a really short script. the more important thing right now is the translation – user1461638 Aug 16 '12 at 8:22

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