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I have the following Code for Connection String.

    If conn.State = 1 Then conn.Close
ConnString = "Driver={SQL Server};Server=server08;Database=bmssmall1;Uid=" & Me.txtUserName.Text & ";Pwd=" & Me.txtPassword.Text & "; "
        '/Open Connection
        With conn
            .ConnectionString = ConnString
        End With
    Set variables.myobj.conn = conn

As clearly seen, the connection string is properly defined.
However, during runtime, if I set a bookmark and check the value of conn once it has been opened, It shows only 'Provider = MSDASQL'. The connection string seems to have all gone.

please help, I have referenced this connectionstring everywhere in the application and not fixing it means a crash of the whole development environment.

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The has already been resolved on microsoft blogs.

The Solution is Here

All you need to do is append Persist Security Info=true in your connection string. And the problem should be resolved.

Let me know if that helps

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Thanks dear, It worked like a charm !!! –  user1400158 Aug 16 '12 at 6:42

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