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I've got a CMS to fix some issues. Since the hosting service has enabled php_magic_quotes in the server their database contains content with slashes. Once I got the project I requested the hosting party to switch off the magic_quotes and the issues isn't available anymore. However I need to fix existing affected data because of magic quotes. Is there any mysql or php command where I can use to fix these. Some records badly affected. As an example I can see something like this in the database you\\\\\\'r Appreciate any suggestion to fix these existing data.

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Just use stripslashes to unescape your data:

var_dump(stripslashes("you\\\\\\'r")); // string(6) "you\'r"
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Great... Thanks. I never thought this will help. I will try this by writing a script and will update you. Thank you for the answer. –  Prasad Rajapaksha Aug 16 '12 at 6:30

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