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I'm working with an android project in Unity 3d. I would to roll the sphere at the surface of a cube. However, when I clicked the play button it returns error message:

Assets/Scripts/Player.js(4,1): BCE0005: Unknown identifier: 'rigidBody'.

My code:

function Start () {

Rigidbody components has been already added to the sphere. I would like to seek solution to the error generated.

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I don't know if you've set a GetComponent variable on the rigidbody, but you may have to strip the case out of that.

For example:


would be:


Hope that helps.

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thanks Liam, now its working. – 11111 Aug 16 '12 at 8:33

I think you forgot to initialize a Rigidbody. Also you cannot assign a velocity like this because rigidBody.velocity.x is a read-only value.This code might help you:

public Rigidbody rigidBody;

function Start(){
    rigidBody.velocity=new Vector2(15,0);
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You haven't initialized the variable "rigidBody". I don't think that's your objective though. If you have the script added to the sphere as a component, you don't have to use getComponent. Instead it's going to be just:


You might have to use a "new Vector3(x,y,z);" to pass the new velocity on. In that case the code would look like this:

Rigidbody.velocity = new Vector3(15,Rigidbody.velocity.y, Rigidbody.velocity.z)*

  • I'm working in 2D right now, so my parameters of Vector3 might be off.
  • I thought Rigedbody was correct, but it might be rigidbody - see above.

In any case, don't forget your colliders. Ridged bodies don't automatically collide with other objects, but they are subject to gravity. Once I finally figured that out, I just dropped my character 20 feet onto pavement out of joy. Rendering blood is surprisingly easy if you're not that picky.

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