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Im using wkhtmltopdf --header-html option, but it seems, that it really works only with html code. Is there any way I can add some PHP and force it to working somehow? I need to display Date and user´s e-mail on every page... Thanks for any advice ;)

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You can feed --header-html almost anything :) Try the following to see my point:

wkhtmltopdf.exe --margin-top 30mm --header-html isitchristmas.com google.fi x.pdf

So isitchristmas.com could be www.yoursite.com/magical/ponies.php

Just to add, you cant run the php files locally so you need a webserver to serve them. If you need 100% local dynamic headers you could try some fake dynamic with javascript; use --header-html myheader.html?date=12345&usermail=derp and then process the URL with javacript (I havent tried it).

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Thanks! I didn´t realize it could be done this way :) I used URL parameters, but I didn´t need JS fortunately :) –  Michal S Aug 16 '12 at 11:50
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To add extra query string parameters for your header/footer html you need to use the command line switch 'replace'.

The wording of the help/manual is a little misleading (i.e. better wording would have cleared up the issue), as it lead me on the wrong path (tried using the 'post' switch). I found the solution after digging through the code on github.

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