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I am developing web with Codeigniter. I what the url like this:

[site]/[company_name]. The [company_name] is dynamic.

For example: http://www.abc.com/alixa

But the real url is: http://www.abc.com/shop/alixa

Is there anyway can I do with this? with htaccess or route in codeigniter?

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Yap you can do it from both .htaccess and routes

here is solution from using routes

$route['(:any)'] = 'shop/$1';

by using this route you will getting problem from other url as if you wants
it will also redirect to shop controller,
For this you have to write more routes as

     $route['(mySecoundController:any)'] = 'mySecoundController/$1';
     $route['(:any)'] = 'shop/$1';

here is the link for detail

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