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I am trying to write an expect script to telnet a machine and reboot it. When I run the script manually it works as expected

But when I try to run it autoaticall on crontab it doesn't complete the process.

The script is :

spawn telnet
expect "login:"
send "root\r"
expect "Password:"
send "<password>\r"
send "bash\r"
send "cd /opt\r"
send "reboot\r"

the output of the script ( when it is run by cron )

spawn telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
DD-WRT v24-sp2 std (c) 2010 NewMedia-NET GmbH
Release: 08/07/10 (SVN revision: 14896)
RK-SWOT-2 login: root

and that's it. no more go forward on the cron. Can you help me for this ?

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I've fixed the issue.

I think the problem was with the interact command. I changed it to

expect eof

and the problem gone.

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