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I used TeamCity to create CI, The CVS is ClearCase. I have test the connection when configure the Version Control Settings on TeamCity, Connection successful! But when I run this build, it's not correct, the status of build will show "Checking for changes" for a long time, the source code is only 40M.

My ClearCase view's config spec as following:

element * CHECKOUT
element * /main/LATEST
load \Tranning

Anyone meets the same issue?
Is this configuration correct?

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Don't hesitate to edit your question to add more details, regarding any error messages you could see during that "Checking for changes" step. –  VonC Aug 16 '12 at 9:02
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The page on "ClearCase support" mentions:

When using the ClearCase integration, it is helpful to open the Version Control tool window. Its Console tab displays the following data:

  • All the commands generated based on the settings you specify through the IntelliJ IDEA user interface.
  • Information messages concerning the results of executing generated ClearCase commands.
  • Error messages.

So that would go a long way in order to debug whatever error the integration with ClearCase currently has with your view.

I assume you have the full ClearCase client installed with your agent (not CCRC, ClearCase Remote Control)

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