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Hi i have a rails application,this is controller

class StreamsController < ApplicationController

  def conversations
    stream_responder do
      @stream =, :max_time => max_time)
      @stream_json = PostConversationPresenter.collection_json(@stream.stream_posts, current_user)

def stream_responder(&block)
    respond_to do |format|
      format.html do = @stream_json
        render :nothing => true, :layout => "post"
      end {authenticate_user!; render 'layouts/main_stream' }
      format.json {render :json => @stream_json }

i would like to what do it means stream_responder do and

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def conversation is a action and def stream_responder is a custom function written which takes block as input and performs some action. is part of gon gem which helps putting values of the variable in the views as javascript varaible so that you can later reference them in your javascript files. This link will help you understand about gon gem Gon Gem

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stream_responder do ... end calls the stream_responder method passing in a block. You can see the method signature accepts a block with &block and calls that block with yield.

See Shreyas' answer too

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