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Where does the CherryPy server write its error logs to? I have installed CherryPy and fired up the server with python3.2

    from cherrypy import wsgiserver

    def my_crazy_app(environ, start_response):
        status = '200 OK'
        response_headers = [("Content-type","text/plain")]
        start_response(status, response_headers)
        return ['Hello world!']

    server = wsgiserver.CherryPyWSGIServer(
                ('', 80), my_crazy_app,

When I go to the url the page does not load and no errors are printed.

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You need to specify the error or access log file name. You can do so in a config file...

log.error_file = 'Web.log'
log.access_file = 'Access.log'

or in a Python file...

cherrypy.config.update({'log.error_file': Web.log,
                'log.access_file': Access.log

I'm thinking your getting a "Port 80 not free" error. Try changing your port to 8080.


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