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I created new maven web-application with Eclipse (File->New->Other... Maven Project) I have installed Tomcat server. When I tryed run application, internal eclipse browser show 404 error. I found out that my application was not builded and deployed to the Tomcat. My pom.xml has only one record regarding deploying:


what I need do more to run this application? Thank you. PS I did not got such errors when I used ant, but I had more items in xml for deploying with ant.

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please refer this video :) – Patriks Jan 21 '13 at 7:02

What is your goal for Maven? To have it automatically deploy your project to the tomcat server and/or build a war file?

To build a simple war file, I would use the maven-archetype-webapp to create a reference project that can build a war file and then you can manually copy the war file to the tomcat webapp folder.

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