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I have a program where I call an exe from a COleDispatchDriver. This gives the m_lpDispatch pointer as NULL. I am calling this from a dll from the main exe. I have added CoInitialize(NULL)/CoUninitialize() to the beginning and end of the code. But still the exe does not show up.


matProp = IMatProp();
matProp.ShowApplication( SW_SHOW );

IMatProp is the machine generated IDispatch wrapper class which subclasses ColeDispatchDriver class. And below is the methods of that class.

long IMatProp::Initialize() {

long result;
InvokeHelper(0x1, DISPATCH_METHOD, VT_I4, (void*)&result, NULL);
return result;


long IMatProp::ShowApplication(long show) {

long result;
static BYTE parms[] =
InvokeHelper(0x2, DISPATCH_METHOD, VT_I4, (void*)&result, parms,
return result;


This worked fine when calling from the exe, but when calling from the dll it gave this problem. Please help me. Thanks a lot.

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Any code to show us? –  Roman R. Aug 16 '12 at 7:55
Also, why don't you write one great question instead of posting bits of your problem - I see this is the beginning. –  Roman R. Aug 16 '12 at 7:58
Hi Roman, I have edited the problem to show the code. Sorry for not asking the whole question once. –  gishara Aug 16 '12 at 8:11
All the methods quoted return execution status, do you check it? If so, what is the error code. If CreateDispatch is failing, step into with debugger and see where exactly it is failing internally, and what is HRESULT code. –  Roman R. Aug 16 '12 at 8:14
CreateDispatch is failing because m_lpDispatch pointer is null. I had to manually register the exe using the command prompt with MatProp.exe /RegServer. I am working in Windows 7. Can you explain me what is wrong? –  gishara Aug 16 '12 at 8:21

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You probably need to initialize OLE instead of just COM. Try using OleInitialize() and OleUninitialize() instead.

MFC apps can control this with a call to AfxOleInit() during CMFCApp::InitInstance() but you'll need to look after it yourself if you're using multiple threads.

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thanks snowdude, but it gave a debug assertion as ASSERT(!pState->m_bNeedTerm); // calling it twice? in oleinit.cpp. –  gishara Aug 16 '12 at 10:58
Are you calling AfxOleInit on the SAME thread you're running your COM code on? –  snowdude Aug 16 '12 at 12:45
yes, please correct me if I am wrong, I am quite new to this COM objects. Thanks a lot. –  gishara Aug 17 '12 at 3:26
In your CreateDispatch pass a pointer to a COleException object to catch the actual error code. When you do that what's the value of COleException::m_sc? –  snowdude Aug 17 '12 at 10:29

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