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Hi I want to save the data for a simple html FORM to constant contact. I can't seem to find any info on how this is done. Has anyone used their API before, if so can you shed some light as to how to process a forum and save the data with Constant Contact API

<form id="form" action="form.php">
First: <input name="first" id="first" />
Last: <input name="last" id="last" />
Address: <input name="address" id="address" />
FirstTime: <input type="checkbox" />
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Constant Contact doesn't allow very simple forms like that in general because of security concerns caused by simple forms (thus the lack of online examples). That said, they provide a Signup Form Generator

That doesn't require you to code, just have access to the webpage/server you're trying to add the code to. The form generator is probably your best and fastest option, but you can also use the API - General API Documnetation to help you get started if you want to go that route (see the Code Samples link from the main page).

I hope that helps!

Shannon W.

CTCT API Support

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