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I need to implement a sort of Dead Zone for the touch screen in my APK so the activity doesn't receive any touch events from those zones. It seems not to be trivial as soon as multi-touch events are linked to the first touch down.

Suppose I have a layout with two side-by-side views and want to ignore all the touch activity in the right view ("dead" view is untouchable).

For the single touch it's trivial.

But for the multi-touch the first touch decides everything:

  1. If the first one is in the "dead" view I have no events at all.

  2. If the first one is in the "life" view and the second is in the "dead" view I receive multi-touch event ACTION_POINTER_DOWN_2.

Currently I have to receive all the events in raw stream and translate it into another stream of events according to my "dead zone" rules.

But the question is: do we have any kind of useful API to restrict the touch screen event processing to the areas we only need?

P.S. I need all this to filter accidental touches near the screen sides when playing games.


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