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I know it's not so 100% programming related, but I've just read now that starting on Jelly Bean they deprecated the Gallery widget.

Does anyone know why? I mean, it's a perfectly functional viewgroup and I've used before in apps. I know there are the alternatives HorizontalScrollView and ViewPager, which respectively implement a non center locked and center locked views.

But Why ?

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The Android team at Google is in the process of deprecating just about everything they can, even if it's just a few months old. They think that everyone else are like themselves: only preoccuped by upgrading to the latest version of the latest technology and with a total disregard about anything that could be seen as an useful application for a company or a client.

They don't care if, for example, using Fragments will bring absolutely nothing to your application or if you will be fine with an absolute layout because it will be installed only on a limited pool of devices or it's simply a subview which is part of a more complex composite view. They think it's better for you to spend your time on upgrading your application to the latest hurra - even if this adds nothing more to it - instead of "losing" your time on adding more useful fonctionality to it.

To resume, for them, the contener is important but the content is not.

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That's a technical community asking technical questions. Your answer is solely based on opinions based purely on speculation and frustration. Please! Don't! –  Budius Dec 18 '12 at 9:34
@SylvainL I share your opinion. +1. I would give you a +100 if I could. I asked a similar question and it got stoned to death, but you are absolutely right. –  JRun Dec 22 '12 at 10:41
@Budius: I would have be more than happy if I could have based my answer on anything remotely technical but while they were giving some explanation when they were deprecating something in the first versions of Android; this is no longer the case and lately, all the innumerous deprecations have been made without any explanation whatsoever; even for something as important as the Gallery. (The possible explanation that it was because it was buggy is itself a pure speculation). When the development team itself refuses to give any explanation; what do you have left but speculation and frustration? –  SylvainL Dec 23 '12 at 10:16

From this SO question:

I suspect that Gallery was deprecated because it did not properly use convertView with its adapter. Which meant that it had to create a new view for every item which was a drain on performance.

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I understand your answer and appreciate the comment, but why not fix it instead of deprecate it? The gallery behavior cannot be replaced by any of the 2 suggested alternatives. You can't have long fling scrolls on the ViewPager and the view does not center lock on the HorizontalScrollView. The gallery does both. –  Budius Aug 16 '12 at 8:55
The bug #3376 discussion about Gallery will give you a valuable glimpse into bug "handling" at Google. –  Jens Aug 16 '12 at 10:30
There is a very interesting discussion going on around the topic of in-SDK widgets vs external library widgets on Cyril's blog: android.cyrilmottier.com/?p=746 Romain Guy has also left his thoughts on this. Deprecating Gallery seems to be part of Google's recent strategy to remove complex widgets from the SDK and either put them in the compat libraries or leave it to the community to build them. A difficult discussion IMHO, has both strong pros and cons. –  Malachiasz Sep 10 '13 at 10:45

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