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I tried to create signature using certificate on mac:

$pkcs12 = file_get_contents($this->certPath);

$certs = array();

if(openssl_pkcs12_read($pkcs12, $certs, $this->certPass) == true) {

    $certdata = openssl_x509_read($certs['cert']);
    $privkey = openssl_pkey_get_private($certs['pkey'], $this->certPass );

    openssl_pkcs7_sign($paths['manifest'], $paths['signature'], $certdata, $privkey, array(), PKCS7_BINARY | PKCS7_DETACHED);

    $signature = file_get_contents($paths['signature']);
    $signature = $this->convertPEMtoDER($signature);

    file_put_contents($paths['signature'], $signature);

    return true;

But it gives me:

Warning: openssl_x509_read(): supplied parameter cannot be coerced into an X509 certificate!

I've found someone saying it is the UTF-8 BOM issue but it is not the issue in this case, how should I do?


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