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I have a PictureBox that has a map assigned to it (basically a list of Rectangle objects). Now I want to make it such if user moves the mouse over this picturebox, and if the mouse is over a rectangle that is existing in the list, a tooltip pop up and show some information.

The mapping works fine, but problem is the ToolTip is going crazy and does not show up properly, it just continues poping up with any mouse move. How can I code it such it only pop up when the mouse is in the rectangle?

This is my code and down there you see the example!

private void pictureBoxPackageView_MouseMove(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
    if (PackageMap == null || PackageMap.Count == 0) return;
    var point = new Point(e.X, e.Y);

    foreach (var map in PackageMap)
        if (map.Rectangle.Contains(point))
            var tip = new ToolTip();
            tip.ToolTipTitle = map.Pin.Group;
            tip.Show("Result: " + map.Pin.Mk2Result, pictureBoxPackageView, point, 200);

enter image description here

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It continuously pops up because you are only checking if the cursor is inside a rectangle. Remember that you can still move the mouse several times but your still within that rectangle.

I think what you want is to pop up the tooltip only once when you enter a rectangle. You should remember the previous location of the mouse. If the current location is within a rectangle check if the previous location is not in the same rectangle. This is the time to display the tooltip otherwise pass.

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I would add a custom listener to detect the MouseEnter Event and MouseLeave Event for each separate rectangular container you want a distinct tooltip to display for, adding the code to display the tooltip for X seconds on MouseEnter (use the Show() method to display). If the user keeps his cursor inside the rectangle, it will continue to display for those X seconds (use the AutoPopDelay property to automatically hide after those X seconds). If the user moves his cursor out, the MouseLeave Event should then use the Hide() method.

I would also set a one second delay to keep several tooltips from opening when you move the cursor across several areas at once. Use the InitialDelay property for this.

Should look something like this (doesn't show the properties being set appropriately):

private void area1_MouseEnter(object sender, EventArgs e)
    tooltip.Show("text to display", window);

private void area1_MouseLeave(object sender, EventArgs e)

The route I'd go would be to extend the container you're using and add these listeners to a custom container class, especially if you're creating several similar containers that all need this functionality.

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