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I have used exporter plugin the datagrid and have got the grid data in CSV format. But I want to make this data to be downloadable in excel format. One solution is that I can send an ajax request to server and send back the excel.

Just wanted to know if there is a way by which this excel can be created and downloaded without hitting server.

My export code as of now is:

        function exportAll(){
            dijit.byId("grid").exportGrid("csv", function(str){
                alert('Data to be exported',str);
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Exporting a dojo datagrid to a csv file

You cannot open excel via javascript so it needs to be a GET download request.

Send the str to server with xhrPost, put into temp-file there, print the temp-url and in the xhrPost success callback function, call window.open("./" + responseText, "_new");. Its also possible to use the io.iframe transport one of the answers in that post shows.

   function exportAll(){
        dijit.byId("grid").exportGrid("csv", function(str){
                url: '/putExportData.php',
                load: function(tempUrl) {
                    window.open(tempUrl, "_new");
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I think it is more of limitation/security of JavaScript than Dojo having any issues. – Sandeep Aug 17 '12 at 8:38
it is.. You could get into ActiveX component if you'd want to support this in IE. It has the capeability to write to disk - whereas JS is denied this feature (except for session/cookie storage ofc) – mschr Aug 17 '12 at 8:59

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