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I have developed a Node.js application which receives data from TCP and at the same time makes the data available to a port.

The principle of the application is to collect sensor data and make it available on the browsers. This application requires 2 ports (1 for TCP (net) and 1 for

I have tried various cloud hosting solution for Node.js including Nodejitsu, AppFog (AWS), Azure, but all of these provide a single port through an environment variable process.env.port.

Is there any alternative other than dedicated hosting?

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Windows Azure should be able to handle this fine in a Cloud Service (but not in a Web Site). The command-line tools won't do a great job of helping you... you'll have to take a look at ServiceDefinition.csdef and add the appropriate endpoints there. You'll want to use a worker role, not a web role.

I hope that gets you started.

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And there's a tutorial on the Windows Azure website showing you how to host on a different port:… – Sandrino Di Mattia Aug 16 '12 at 10:11
Thanks smarx! This seems to working for now. Will make sure on final deployment. :) – Omkar Aug 16 '12 at 12:51

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