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I am using jQTouch (with jQuery and Phonegap) in my mobile app.

I want to ask user to verify himself by entering the correct passcode. Now the animations are working just fine when I click on the anchor tags...

But when I prompt for the passcode, a div is made visible to the user and he's supposed to enter his passcode there.

Now the problem is,

When he enters the passcode, I want to verify if the passcode is correct. If not I am showing an error message (which is working fine), But how to first verify the passcode and then have the popped up box dissolve or fade ? (I don't want slide animation here)

What I've tried is,

I have written the a function and in that function, if the passcode is correct, it is redirected to appropriate div using

window.location.href = "#mydiv";

But it works with sliding animation, I want fade or dissolve animation.

How to go about it?


Is there any way I can execute the function before the actual href changes happen?


function iconClick(e,that){
        $("#p2p_login a").attr("href","#content_nav");
    } else {
        window.location.href = "#content_nav";

This is the function where I set the targets for my next animation.

#p2p_login is the pop up div, that I want to accept passcode in. There is a button in #p2p_login, clicking on which the following function gets called.

function verifyPasscode(){
    var correctCode = localAppSecurity.passcode;
    var target = $("#p2p_login a").attr('href');
    var code = $("#p2p_login .txtfldPin").val();
        $("#p2p_login a").addClass('fade');
        $("#p2p_login a").attr("href",target);
        $("#p2p_login .txtfldPin").css('border','3px solid #B9D973');
        window.location.href = target; // This triggers slide animation.. How to change it?

    } else {
        $("#p2p_login .txtfldPin").css('border','3px solid red');

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Please show more of your code. –  nnnnnn Aug 16 '12 at 9:28
@nnnnnn : added the code... –  Maverick Aug 16 '12 at 10:21
Is using a timeout on the window.location.href and have the effect run before the href change possible? –  Ekim Aug 22 '12 at 19:38

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$('.something').fadeOut(500, function(){
    //function to execute after animation completes
    window.location.href = "http://google.com";
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