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I've made a conversation system which shows a list of the conversations you've had. You can delete(hide) a message.

The problem is, when all messages are hidden, it shows an (appearantly?) random message instead. It should not show the name or anything.

Here is the SQL query:

(SELECT * FROM post ORDER BY datotid DESC) as inv
WHERE fk_bruger_til = '$brugerid'
GROUP BY fk_bruger_fra

And the database structure:

Message table:

message_id | fk_user_to | fk_user_from | message | datetime | read

Hidden messages table:

deleted_id | fk_message_id | fk_user_id 
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what happens if the post_id from messages table is not present in fk_post_id on hidden messages? –  John Woo Aug 16 '12 at 9:34

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Instead of having two separate tables for messages/hidden messages why not just have an addition field in the messages table that denotes whether it is hidden by a 1 / 0.

This should make your sql query easier to write.

Also may make it easier if you can explain what the table fields mean. Only one i can make out is datetoid.

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I thought it'd be wiser to have it in a seperate table, as user1 can hide a message, while user2 can still see it as user2 didn't hide it. I'll translate the tables now :-) –  Patrick Reck Aug 17 '12 at 7:58

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