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Here's my code:

  new Image().src = 'http://urltophp/p.php?
    somevar = '';
    anothervar = '';
  }, 1000);

How would I go about inserting a javascript variable ("somevar" and "anothervar"), into the url that I'm calling?

I can get it to work like...


But I can't get it to work with two vars at different locations in the script.

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Concatenate your javascript variable to, url string, as

new Image().src = 'http://urltophp/p.php?c='+somevar
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You need to use + to connect all the parts that make up the url, i.e., between each variable and string literal, and don't put a semicolon in the middle of the statement like you have after somevar. So instead of:

new Image().src = 'http://urltophp/p.php?


new Image().src = 'http://urltophp/p.php?c=' + somevar +
                  '&log_owner=testing&client_site=' + anothervar;

Also you can't put a line break in the middle of a string literal like you have right after php?, but maybe that's just a typo in your question? You can put line breaks after operators like +, or after variable names.

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Thank you. That answered my question :P –  user1577774 Aug 16 '12 at 9:41
I'm a PHP programmer, just wasn't thinking out side of the box. lol. –  user1577774 Aug 16 '12 at 9:43

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