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I just downloaded the latest version of AFNetworking from github .

I drag the folder to my xCode iOS project, disable ARC for the AFNetworking files and compile . The compiler prompts an error, claiming that line 702 of AFHTTPClient.m has error:

HTTPClient.networkReachabilityStatusBlock = self.networkReachabilityStatusBlock;

Any advice? Did I miss something?

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I found that Getting Start Guide of AFNetworking missed a critical step :

  1. Add SystemConfiguration.framework to the project
  2. Add the line #import <SystemConfiguration/SystemConfiguration.h> after the line #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> in Prefix.pch
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Just to add to Shivan's point, I think you also need to add 1) Add MobileCoreServices/MobileCoreServices to your project 2) Add the line #import to your x.pch file

Otherwise AFNetworking will throw up warnings.

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