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When I use redis PHP extention, I get the error, the host is and the port is 6379.

Redis::connect(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known.

Has someone comes across the problem?

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are you sure your redis is running on port 6379? – Kasia Gogolek Aug 16 '12 at 9:51

I had the same issue happening sporadically on my local server with a number of attempted fixes yielding no resolution. This post here gave me an idea that seems to have finally fixed the problem.

Basically, I have a number of vhosts set up on my local machine (running Ubuntu) which allows me to use domain names to access locally-run sites instead of the usual 'localhost/sitename' approach. As a result, I had no IP assigned to 'localhost' name.

This might not be the same root cause for the problem for you, but here's how I've solved mine:

  1. See what is the value of 'redis-host' in your redis config file (for me it's set to 'localhost').
  2. In your /etc/hosts file check that there's an IP assigned to that host name. (In your case, where redis-host is, check that there isn't some other host name assigned to that IP, like phpmyadmin, for example.)

Of course, as a sanity check, make sure your redis-server is up and running, try rebooting Apache in case you've made any config changes, etc.

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In my case, the issue was simple; the host name was incorrectly typed.

To find out the exact issue, I had to do the following in my console:

ping <host-name>

or if you have redis-cli installed, you can just call that from the console as such:

redis-cli -h <host-name> -p <port-number> -a <auth-pass>


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