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I put my application folder in

packages/apps  // inside AOSP android code

now my application have following

LOCAL_PATH:= $(call my-dir)
include $(CLEAR_VARS)


LOCAL_SRC_FILES := $(call all-java-files-under, src)

LOCAL_PACKAGE_NAME := package_name

include $(BUILD_PACKAGE)

# Use the folloing include to make our test app
include $(call all-makefiles-under,$(LOCAL_PATH))

Now when I compile whole android code it also compile my application and put .apk file inside


But I want to put it in


So how I can do? In which make file I need to change?

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I got the solution by changing this thing in

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Basically, the android AOSP build system doesn't build anything into /data. The idea of the /data partition is that it's user data, and that it will be shipped from the factory empty (and deleted entirely on a device reset). If you want to install something into /data you do it after install using "adb install" or any other mechanism.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

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Well, in my case, I want to debug a system app. My plan was to root the device, remove the app from /system/, compile it locally with "mm" and then install it in /data/. This lets me do a compile-install-test cycle without having to rebuild the entire ROM or re-flash the device. – Edward Falk Sep 9 '15 at 23:03

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