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In mysql we can generate the prepared statement using PreparedStatement.I want to achieve the same functionality in SQL script. Please help me in creating the prepared statement and also tell how to execute it.If possible please provide example for that. Thanks, Tausif.

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I would suggest using sp_executesql over exec for most dynamic SQL. sp_executesql is similar to MySQL's EXECUTE...USING in that it can take parameters rather than only concatenated strings, thus giving you a good defense against SQL injection. sp_executesql also allows SQL Server to reuse the query plan for more efficient querying. Here's an example:

exec sp_executesql
    @statement = N'select * from sys.databases where name = @dbname or database_id = @dbid',
    @parameters = N'@dbname sysname, @dbid int',
    @dbname = N'master',
    @dbid = 1

Some more info and examples can be found here.

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Thanks a lot for quick reply. This exactly worked for me. The link which you have provided also worked for me.Thank you vey much. –  Tausif Aug 16 '12 at 15:49

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