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Think of a small and basic affiliate system. I want an URL like


Every time afid is found in the URL, a method should be called (basically to save "afid" in the session and when the customer buys stuff, I want to track it).

Someone here who knows how to do that? Every hint is accepted ;-)

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You don't need a router for this. You'll want to setup an event listener that fires for every page load, and then access the variables in the request collection. The controller_front_init_routers event should do.

So, setup your module's config with the following


And then create the following class

class Packagename_Modulename_Model_Observer {
	public function interceptMethod($observer) {
		$request 	= $observer->getEvent()->getData('front')->getRequest();
		$afid		= $request->afid;

		//do whatever you want with your variable here

The interceptMethod can be named whatever you want.

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Thanks! That THE way ;-) –  Max Jul 30 '09 at 7:13

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