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The ScalaSignature is an annotation. It contains meta informations.

And then parser is provided. but scala-library.jar is not contains the parser. It seem like secret API.

But I know a few libraries using ScalaSignature.

By the way, I could not found formal specification of ScalaSignature. I worry that the specification of ScalaSignature may change by a Scala version change. Also I think there are some other risks using ScalaSignature because specification doesn't exists.

Further, Scala2.10 will provide a new reflection API. I think the reason for using ScalaSignature will decrease, when 2.10 is released.

Thus, should one use the ScalaSignature?

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Reflection API in Scala 2.10 provides an officially supported abstraction over Java reflection + Scala signatures. If ScalaSignature format changes, reflection will change accordingly.

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It means we should not use ScalaSignature and SignatureParser directly ? – Kenji Yoshida Aug 16 '12 at 12:52
To the best of my knowledge there won't be a need to do so in 2.10+ – Eugene Burmako Aug 16 '12 at 14:45

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