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I am having a hard time installing drivers for ODB Mssql. I need it to let my php communicate with an Sql server (2005).

The driver:

Does someone know a alternative solution? Or an working example? Please notice I am using cakePhp version 2+. Not 1.3.. Lots of documentation about this problem has been written for 1.3.

The driver for Mssql from MS is buggy. It needs a lot of libraries and still doesnt survive it's own installer..

My configuration is Ubuntu 12+ (with gui), Lampp (xampp for linux).

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Besides that you have issues installing the driver, CakePHP2 has no datasource for PDO and ODBC.

You can use this datasource to connect to SQL 2005 from CakePHP 2 without PDO and the driver. This is a ported version of the 1.3 source:

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