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I have a little problem with the google analytics API on IOS.

When I try to track two events, or two page views, between two dispatches (called automatically with the dispatchedPeriod), the second event is never fired. When I set the debug flag to YES, it shows that the dispatcher is busy...

Moreover, if I try to restart the app, every new event will be added on the event stack but never called neither.

Everything is working fine if I call the dispatch methods of the shared GANTracker just after the tracking calls, but with this solution, the dispatchedPeriod just become useless...

Anyone has encountered the same issue ?

Thanks !

EDIT : it seems to work with 3G connection but not with WIFI

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The problem is solved !

It was a network configuration problem.

Thanks !

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Can you tell us exactly what the network configuration problem was, and what the fix is? That way anyone else reading this with the same problem can try the fix. –  user577537 Aug 22 '12 at 11:01

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