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I've started to use Visual Studio 2012 and there is one feature that really upsets me: the way the selection in text editor looks. For some reason it looks differently for variables and all other text. The same is right for the break-point high-lighting:

Visual Studio 2012 selection

Is there a setting to make the selection and break-pointed line appear uniform as in all previous versions of VS and all other editors?

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There is no setting for this, but why your selection looks ugly is because you set a background color for given (identifier) types. In Tools*Options*Environment*Fonts and Colors select Identifiers and set Item Background to Default

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Brilliant! Thanks a lot! Even if I didn't set background color, it was set just after the installation. Maybe it has migrated from somewhere, don't know. – Mikhail Aug 16 '12 at 11:02

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