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is there a way how to easily run a PHP application as from command line on Windows Azure?

I have a standard Web Application (on Azure) and I want to communicate using WebSockets. So I need to have a WebSocket Server running all the time on Azure.

I use Wrench project which I need to run "all the time" to listen on some port and deal with messages from JavaScript-sended WebSocket.

So again - how easily run a "persistent" PHP application on Azure?

Thank you in advance.

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Look at win32service. Although to be honest when writing a WebSocket server, look at just about any language you can think of that isn't PHP, it is about the worst imaginable language for writing high-concurrency socket-driven server applications. I like Node.js, others can (and will) disagree. – DaveRandom Aug 16 '12 at 10:40
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Sandrino's answer is fine, but I prefer ProgramEntryPoint for doing this sort of thing. The trouble with a background task is that (unless you build something on your own) nothing is monitoring it. Using ProgramEntryPoint, Windows Azure will monitor the process, and if it exits for any reason, the role instance will be restarted.


Sandrino points out that the PHP program isn't the only thing running. (There's also a website.) In that case, I'd recommend launching php.exe in Run() in WebRole.cs. Process.Start it and then do a .WaitForExit() on it. That way, if the process exits, the role itself will exit from Run(), causing the role instance to restart. See for an example.

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Wouldn't you use ProgramEntryPoint to run the actual website? – Sandrino Di Mattia Aug 16 '12 at 11:18
Oh, I didn't realize two things were running. Editing my answer... – smarx Aug 16 '12 at 13:10

In order to run your PHP script as a command line application you should use the PHP CLI (command line interface).

php.exe -f "yourWebSocketServce.php" -- -arg1 -arg2 -arg3

Now, in order to run this in Windows Azure you'll need to define a startup task that runs this command. You'll see that the default task type is simple, which means that the startup of your role will block until the task finishes. But in your case running the WebSocket in PHP will be a blocking process, that's why you should change the type to background (this will make sure the instance continues starting up while your WebSocket server is running).

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Here is a WebSockets service on Azure. - Live XSockets.NET

Have a look at, an easy way of getting started, but it depends on what you are about to do on the "server side". This service i mention can be uses as a "message" dispatcher, to ntify "clients" on changes etc.. Hmm in other words it is a way of boosting "regular" web-apps..

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