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im using overylay from jquery tools, however I cant seem to get the example working

I get the following error:

"$("a[rel='overlay']").overlay(function() {" is not a function

In my HTML file i have the jquery/overlay package then i have "common.js" where I call overlay for all links with rel=overlay

    // jQuery functions go in here
if (typeof(jQuery) != "undefined") {
    /* Pops overlay windows for links with rel="overlay" */
     $(function() {
    	$("body").append("<div class='overlay' id='overlay'><div class='overlay-wrap'></div></div>");
    	// if the function argument is given to overlay, it is assumed to be the onBeforeLoad event listener 
    	$("a[rel='overlay']").overlay(function() {  
    		// grab wrapper element inside content 
    		var wrap = this.getContent().find("div.overlay-wrap"); 
    		// load only for the first time it is opened 
    		if (wrap.is(":empty")) { 

any idea where im going wrong?

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Are you completely sure the overlay JavaScript file is included in your page?

I was checking this Minimal setup tutorial and the link that they provide for the JavaScript file is broken...

I recommend you to download and host the .js and .css files on your server...

Check the minimal setup working with another file...

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Yeah, I'd like to add that the jQuery Tools auto-generator (flowplayer.org/tools/download/index.html#combine) seems to be generating JS files with errors. If I download a working file directly off a working overlay demo page, then the overlay effect works, otherwise, I just get errors mentioned like "overlay is not a function". –  Triynko Apr 26 '11 at 17:08

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