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I am using in my swing application to open web page. Now my problem is I open the page(url) in browser but on click of any button like facebook it will open other window of browser. I want it to open but with out menu bars in it. My snippet of code like as below:

final JWebBrowser webBrowser = new JWebBrowser(JWebBrowser.destroyOnFinalization());
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You could try with this:

webBrowser.addWebBrowserListener(new WebBrowserAdapter() {

    public void windowWillOpen(WebBrowserWindowWillOpenEvent e) {

        e.getNewWebBrowser().addWebBrowserListener(new WebBrowserAdapter() {
                    public void locationChanging(WebBrowserNavigationEvent e) {
                        final JWebBrowser webBrowser = e.getWebBrowser();


I took it from the snippets, specifically the Navigation Control (direct download) snippet.

You can also look at the WebBrowserAdapter javadoc, inside the DJ Native Swing documentation.

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