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I am having trouble getting data binding to work with Knockout when using revealing module pattern.

my javascript is like this

var HMS = HMS || {};

$(function () {

    HMS.PatientModel = function () {
        this.Patient_Name = ko.observable();
        this.Patient_Address = ko.observable();

    HMS.PatientViewModel = function () {
        var patient = ko.observable(),
        loadPatient = function () {
            patient = new HMS.PatientModel();
        return {
            patient: patient,
            loadPatient: loadPatient
    } ();



I am unable to get the data binding to work with patient name properly. The HTML div tag has data-bind="text:patient.Patient_Name".

Please refer to the code in jsFiddle I would appreciate if you could tell me what I am doing wrong in data binding.

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In your loadPatient function you are replacing the patient variable with a new object, but your module already returned a reference to the original observable. So, updating it in this way will not update what the object returned.

Here is an option:

Basically, you keep patient as an observable and then update it in your loadPatient function. In your view, using the with binding can help you protect against your object being null, in case you want to load it after you call ko.applyBindings.

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Tx a lot for your help, it works fine now. I understood the first part of your answer, but for the HTML part I am not very clear why I will not be able to set text using patient.Patient_Name. – Premkumar Aug 16 '12 at 12:22
You can as long as your data is loaded before applying bindings. I just wanted to demonstrate that using the with binding will let you bind against your empty observable, then fill it later. Just an option, if you are loading your data from the server (after applying bindings). – RP Niemeyer Aug 16 '12 at 14:07

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