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For my own project, I have used AGImagePickerController.

I copied all the necessary files into my project. Weird thing is I received some errors.

I have commented them out and decided to fix them later on. Errors make no sense since in the demo project, there are no errors like that. for instance, the first thing I wanted to fix was the cancel button.

When it's clicked, AGImagePickerCOntroller should be dismissed.. [((AGImagePickerController *)self.navigationController) performSelector:@selector(didCancelPickingAssets)];

The error is 'undeclared selector didCancelPickingAssets'.

How come it gives no errors in the example project whereas I am getting some errors?


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Let's start simple. Do you have something along the lines of -(void)didCancelPickingAssets; in you .h file? – Jeremy1026 Aug 16 '12 at 11:27
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If you check the code of AGImagePickerController you'll see that -(void)didCancelPickingAssets; is declared in @interface in .m file so it is ment to be used as a private method.

To avoid the error you're getting move the declaration into the @interface part in the .h file - this could lead to other problems though.

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