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I have an interview coming up soon. I did some work for a company that hasn't registered itself yet and is developing a software product to an interesting market that doesn't have much IT attention yet.

My NDA involved not working for competitors (of which there are none at present). There was also a verbal agreement not to share information of any development with anybody, including family, friends etc.

I did some good work here and I would like to mention what I did in the interview, but it would be tricky for me to do so without talking about the market we were in and what technology I was developing.

Has anyone been in this position? Do any interviewers here have an opinion on this?

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You should avoid talking about the specific details of the product you worked on and instead talk about the transferable skills. This isn't just true of your situation but of most interviews.

Most people are looking for what you can bring to their organisation in terms of your technical skills and will be happy to accept that you can't talk about a product that is pre-launch.

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