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How can implicits with multiple inputs be used in Scala?

I understand that if we write in scala

implicit def str2int(str:String):Int = Integer.parseInt(str)
def addTwo(a:Int, b:Int) = a + b

addTwo("123", 456)

we get a conversion of the parameters from String to Int. What would the following do, and what would be the usage:

implicit def convert(a: Int, b: Int): String = a + "," + b

That is a valid declaration, I simply do not know what the usage might be, coming from the fact that I still do not quite get the whole concept of implicit converstions...

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An implicit conversion tries to convert a type that does not fit into a method call to a fitting type, without showing it.

addTwo("123", 456)

is internaly converted to:

addtwo(str2int("123"), 456)

For a detailed introduction I sugest you chapter 13 of Programming in Scala.

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Not what I asked completely –  Bober02 Aug 16 '12 at 12:02
Excuse me if I did not get your question right. Could you explain me more in detail? I will addapt my answer. –  T.Grottker Aug 16 '12 at 12:12

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