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I got a really nice dataset regrding ALS that I need to access so I can test some very interesting methods of machine learning. The problem is that the dataset is very poorly supported and I lack experience when it comes working with complex datastructures or JSON in R

What I need

If someone can help prividing me with actual R code examples (preferable using RJSON or rjsonio) on how I should access the code it would be great. Any basic tutorials/descriptions on how to use JSON with R would also be appreciated as JSON.org is more tailored to people with programming experience using it for programming AJAX/SQL applications.

Data to show my specific problem (dictionary file and data in the text file) I couldn't post text from the dictionary file so here is a screenshot for it posted on Flrickr http://flic.kr/p/cSNbpm

The actual data is several thousands of lines long but looks like this:

649|144|Demographics|5AC60165-78AA-4E1D-8CCF-F1A21B944A8B|1203|Demographics Delta|0
649|144|Demographics|5AC60165-78AA-4E1D-8CCF-F1A21B944A8B|1207|Race - Asian|
649|144|Demographics|5AC60165-78AA-4E1D-8CCF-F1A21B944A8B|1208|Race - Black/African American|
649|144|Demographics|5AC60165-78AA-4E1D-8CCF-F1A21B944A8B|1211|Race - Caucasian|1
649|144|Demographics|5AC60165-78AA-4E1D-8CCF-F1A21B944A8B|1393|Race - Other|
649|145|ALSFRS(R)|B2F1F8AC-6BEA-483C-9BC8-F13C51ED6FFB|1213|1. Speech|3
649|145|ALSFRS(R)|B2F1F8AC-6BEA-483C-9BC8-F13C51ED6FFB|1214|10. Respiratory|4
649|145|ALSFRS(R)|B2F1F8AC-6BEA-483C-9BC8-F13C51ED6FFB|1215|2. Salivation|3
649|145|ALSFRS(R)|B2F1F8AC-6BEA-483C-9BC8-F13C51ED6FFB|1216|3. Swallowing|2
649|145|ALSFRS(R)|B2F1F8AC-6BEA-483C-9BC8-F13C51ED6FFB|1217|4. Handwriting|4
649|145|ALSFRS(R)|B2F1F8AC-6BEA-483C-9BC8-F13C51ED6FFB|1218|5a. Cutting without Gastrostomy|4

It seems to be separated into several different section so further down the general structure is changed several times

727029|146|Laboratory Data|67962337-62FA-42E3-9E22-1C36965088D6|1234|Laboratory Delta|448
727029|146|Laboratory Data|67962337-62FA-42E3-9E22-1C36965088D6|1250|Test Name|Urea
727029|146|Laboratory Data|67962337-62FA-42E3-9E22-1C36965088D6|1251|Test Result|4.50
727029|146|Laboratory Data|67962337-62FA-42E3-9E22-1C36965088D6|1252|Test Unit|mmol/L
727029|146|Laboratory Data|C2F387B2-00B5-4645-9B2A-03F43117C44B|1234|Laboratory Delta|448
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I really don't understand why the XML section has been omitted to ----+---- and only some of the text is interpreted as code. –  Sigvard Aug 16 '12 at 12:00
It was an xml file to show the dictionary of the text file containing data in JSON format. The data is available through Innocentive so I am not able to put it up here innocentive.com/ar/workspace/challengeDetail/… –  Sigvard Aug 16 '12 at 12:09
So if its XML where does the '|'-separated stuff that you just posted come from? –  Spacedman Aug 16 '12 at 14:23
It was the dictionary that was locating in a .xml file (you see the actualy dictionary in the image list). The actual data is a .txt file in JSON annotation (the code examples) –  Sigvard Aug 16 '12 at 16:31

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I would recommend using the rjson package in CRAN.

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