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My database table contains a column Image with datatype Varbinary(50), and I would like to enter the value to that column dynamically to the table, so what is the format for varbinary to enter the value to the Image column?

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varbinary = binary data. Either you type out your bits and bytes directly (insert into table(Image) values (0x1234567)), or you have some kind of code handling the nitty gritty details for you... – marc_s Aug 16 '12 at 12:10

The varbinary column contains binary data. In order to insert binary data into a column you can stream it in with the various OLEDB/ADO drivers, defining the data as binary, or you can insert data into the column using binary notation.

For example, if I wanted to insert the binary value for "A" into the column, I need to insert this:

 CREATE TABLE Binarytest
 ( id INT
 , note VARBINARY(500)
 INSERT BinaryTest SELECT 1, 0x41

 SELECT note, CAST( note AS VARCHAR) FROM BinaryTest

 DROP TABLE binarytest

Note that I am doing this two ways.

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