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Hey guys, I'm trying to select a specific string out of a text, but I'm not a master of regular expressions. I tried one way, and it starts from the string I want but it matches everything after what I want too.

My regex:


Text I'm matching on.

Hierbij een test


middle text string (may not selected)

NPVT700 PVT701 30MAR30MAR 1000000 005CRJ FAB1900 07301NCE DD

The middle string is selected, it only needs the SCR until the GI line.

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Please don't refer to your Regex code as a 'he' :P –  Damien Jul 29 '09 at 8:14
Yes, they are she's... :P –  Kitson Jul 29 '09 at 8:17

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To match from a line starting with SCR to a line starting with GI or SI (inclusive), you would use the following regular expression:


This will:

  • Find the start of a line.
  • Match SCR and a new line.
  • Match all lines not starting with GI or SI.
  • Match the last line, requiring there to be GI or SI (this prevents it from matching to the end of the string if there is no GI or SI.
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I just changed my regex a bit, inspired by Gumbo. His regular expression took into account the fact that if a group doesn't have a GI or SI line, the regular expression shouldn't match. Now my regex and his second regex are pretty similar, except that mine uses the start of line anchor ^ instead of matching a new line. –  Blixt Jul 29 '09 at 8:41

Use the non-greedy quantifier also on the first quantifier:


Or you could use a negative look-ahead assertion (?!expr) to capture just those lines that do not start with either GI or SI:

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