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I have defined label in my jsp as ,

<label id='mylabel'>

and I am setting some text to it dynamically as,

   <script>document.getElementById('mylabel').innerHTML ="Your payement processed";

But now here I want to add payment date from database as ,Your payement processed on 2012-08-10.Please verify.

So i tried like,

    Date myDate = retrieved date from DB; // Here I have retrieved date from DB which   is like 2012-08-10
  <script>document.getElementById('mylabel').innerHTML ="Your payement processed on    "+<%=myDate%>. "Please verify.";

Its not working..I tried couple of ways..sometimes its gives error as ; missing.Sometimes it shows date as 1988.Cant it be possible java script and jsp expression together for date ?

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You have to make sure that the date is part of the JavaScript string:

<script>document.getElementById('mylabel').innerHTML ="Your payment processed on <%=myDate%>. Please verify.";

No need to "add" the date, in other words. Just emit it in the middle of the JavaScript string, and it'll be there when the code is evaluated on the client.

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Thanks Pointy.It worked. –  user1565699 Aug 16 '12 at 12:44

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